What Works: Gender Equality by Design

What Works is a thoroughly researched, compelling work that addresses questions that have become increasingly compelling and important as companies of all sizes consider how to address gender equality in the workplace. Bohnet walks the reader through multiple aspects of the situation from research, long-held assumptions, to the techniques that just seem to work.

Her focus is on removing biases not from individuals, but institutions whether this is through better policies or specifically engaging and providing resources to women and gender minorities that are actually helpful to secure positions in leadership. Networking, mentoring and other connections are certainly more powerful tools, in this regard, than general leadership development.

This book is a call to action with concrete suggestions that we can begin applying in all of our workplaces. Gender equality in the work place is essential for any forward-facing company and Bohnet has outlined, not only why but how we move into a more equal and equitable future.

Link: What Works: Gender Equality by Design