Reverse Search Program

We begin the Reverse Search Program with a strategy discussion, where we will determine your career objective, industry, and geographical preferences, and then review your resume, cover letter, and other written documents that you are using in your search for an executive position or board seat. Once we decide on a direction for your search, we’ll design the most compelling and effective presentation possible.

We will generate a list of 100 appropriate target companies, the parameters of which will be defined by your career objective, industry, and geographical preferences. The researcher, assigned to your search, will then call each target company and ascertain precisely the person to whom you would report. You will have direct access to the researcher working on your behalf, as well as the entire project team, throughout the process.

We will provide the names of these contacts, along with their titles, work addresses, and phone numbers. Estimated delivery time is ten (10) business days. If you do not meet your employment objective within the first 100 targets/contacts, we will continue to generate more targets/contacts for you until you do so, providing that you continue to participate in the program. Although 85% of our clients, who deploy the program, meet their career objectives within the first 100 targets, we guarantee to provide this continued service to all our clients at no additional expense.

In addition to providing a revised resume, cover note, and target/contact list, we will provide instructions on how to utilize this research to produce interviews and additional contacts. Mailings to prospective employers are hand addressed to insure that the hiring authorities and board representatives receive a compelling presentation that looks personal and does not appear to have been sent from a search firm, outplacement firm, and/or resume mailing service. Any specific information that you convey to us will remain in the strictest of confidence.

If you would like more detailed information and pricing, please feel free to contact us at 312-257-2899