Numbers Game

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Statistically, approximately 35 out of every 100 people, seeking new positions, found leads through traditional search methods such as answering want ads, using placement agencies, and mass-mailing resumes. 65 out of every 100 people found their new position through non-conventional methods such as word-of-mouth or by contacting the employer directly.

Quality vs. Quantity

The 65% who obtained positions through word-of-mouth or through directly contacting an employer did so with fewer leads. They were not luckier than their peers, they simply had leads with better-than-average chances of leading to interviews.

Most leads found through the Internet or classifieds do not yield many interviews since they are passive approaches to your search. Answering want ads, using placement agencies, and mass-mailing resumes are essentially passive exercises because once you correspond with HR departments and recruiters, you must wait for them to contact you.

In addition, advertised positions elicit hundreds of responses, so the numbers dictate that an extremely small percentage of those respondents (those who match up exactly within the specified requirements) will be granted an interview.

Based on these statistics, what is the most efficient and most effective way to generate interviews? By being part of the 65% of the population who utilize their network of contacts to make their availability and qualifications known to the people who have the power to hire them

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