About Us

Executive Advisory

Executive Advisory is a well-known, Chicago-based research and recruiting firm that has been helping executives to seek board seats for two decades. It is our belief that the greatest challenge in the search process is obtaining direct access to decision makers. Based on our clients’ qualifications and governance skills, we penetrate target companies to identify the appropriate individual and the best way to reach them directly. This targeted research allows the clients to achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently. Executive Advisory brings a premium level of talent and senior-level experience to every engagement.

“We pride ourselves on having a strong work ethic and uncompromising integrity, as well as a commitment to quality service.”

Our staff members have diverse backgrounds in business, industry and academia, as well as substantial experience in executive search and research. Every client is assigned to a team, rather than to an individual researcher, to capitalize on intellectual contribution and to guarantee quick turnaround time.

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